Short direct flights to Samui island depart several times a day from Bangkok, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Singapore. The airport is small and open air, just what you would expect from such a picture perfect tropical island. You can also arrive by train, bus and boat.

Samui island is Thailand's third largest covering an area of 247 sq km it is 25 kilometers at it's longest point and 21 kilometers at its widest.

Samui island is also known as the Coconut Island as it gives harvest to over two million coconuts each month.

5 WaterfallTourism in Samui is relatively new compared to other destinations but has still been active for about 30 years. In the last few years there has been a lot of new developments, the results of which you can mainly see on the east side of the island. Despite the recent developments, Samui remains a tropical paradise and anyone traveling there will have memories of a friendly, laid back atmosphere.

Much of Samui island, especially south coast, remains largely undeveloped. A day spent on a motorbike or in a jeep exploring this lush terrain is a day well spent. The villa is located on a quiet part of the island so if you wish to have a calm and relaxing holiday, the setting is perfect.