Water Sports

Jet Ski

63 Jet skis can be hired on many of the larger beaches. If you wish, the villa manageress can arrange jet skis to be left for you on your private beach throughout your holiday so you always have access to this fun way of exploring.



The surrounding areas of Koh Samui are well known to be one of Asia's best diving sites. Snorkellers can accompany their diving companions on scuba dive trips, take a tour organised for snorkellers, a trip arranged by local fishermen to one of the many surrounding islands or just snorkel from the beaches and rock formations dotted around the Island. 





Sailing is popular in Samui being led by the success of the Ko Samui Regatta which is held in early June and the continued popularity of the day cruises and sunset cruises aboard the 52 foot sailing catamaran Kia Ora.

The major hindrance to sailing in Ko Samui is the lack of a marina to provide safe mooring, the support infrastructure and services.
There have been many rumors about marina construction being imminent but nothing has yet been done. So when you get to Samui, expect to find it hard to locate a suitable provider and also expect to either clamber over rickety wooden jetties or be ferried out on the tender dinghy.


Water Skiing

Water skiing equipment, a boat and driver is available to rent on many of the larger beaches or can be arranged to come to the private villa beach.

You can also try the fascinating sport of Kite boarding (or Kite surfing) at Samui Orchid Resort (Ban Harn Beach close to Hua Thanon) and Shamballa resort (Big Buddha beach in the North of Samui) Parasailing can be done on the beaches of Lamai and Chaweng


Scuba Diving 


67 The Gulf of Thailand offers a huge variety of dive sites suitable for all levels of diver. So whether you want to blow your very first bubbles underwater or you're an experienced diver looking for something more challenging, there are plenty of options to choose from.

There are also a huge variety of diving schools on the island so if you are a first time diver there are plenty of high quality courses you can attend

Kite Boarding 

There could not be a better place to experience one of the fastest growing extreme sports in the world and one of the easiest to learn.

A typical learner course would be 1-3 hours of introduction where you learn how to fly a small kite on a beach to learn how to control the kite within the wind window, understand wind direction and basic safety. In the next 4-6 hours you learn kite control, weather planning and hazards, launch area selection, body draggin, solo launching, landing and emergency landing.
In the following 7-10+ you will learn; water start, kite and board control in the water, fine tuning, depower and self rescue techniques, then the sky's your limit.


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